Home Mission pics

Home Mission pics

Friday, 11 February 2011

Ministers: the repair and prepare service

Steve Gaukroger takes WEBA Ministers through Ephesians

This year's WEBA Ministers Conference at Sidholme in Sidmouth featured two speakers who addressed the theme of equipping God's people for mission. Steve Gaukroger, formerly Pastor of Gold Hill Baptist Church and now Director of the Clarion Trust, took us through part of Paul's letter to the Ephesians, starting with the call to equip God's people for works of service, a word which could equally be translated repair or prepare
Tracy Cotterell
Tracy Cotterell of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity continued this theme with some practical examples, and encouraged Ministers to consider their 'pastoral contract' with their congregations - is it primarily therapeutic or equipping? I think this is a good question for all of us in any kind of ministry. Tracy pointed out that along with any other reasons people might give for leaving a church, they often feel that 'no-one cares' - the pastoral care contract hasn't worked. Can this lead to a tendency to 'convert and retain' rather than 'grow and release'? 
Tracy pointed to research LICC had carried out at Spring Harvest, which demonstrated a great yearning among church people to "become fully the people we were meant to be in Christ." She imagined a 'pastoral contract' to build confidence and equip for mission, one that asks questions such as "What do you need so that you don't miss this opportunity to grow?" 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Jigsaw's Home Mission Mat

Andrew Stammers of Radstock Baptist Church sent us this lovely photo showing where a little bit of your Home Mission giving went this year:

The children attending JIGSAW, the toddler group at Radstock Baptist Church,  have a giant new play mat to use thanks to a Project Mission grant from the Baptist Union of Great Britain. This is the first stage in an extensive refurbishment of the Church school room and kitchen which the church hope to complete by the end of Spring.

JIGSAW meets on Tuesday mornings 10:00 - 11:30 at Radstock Baptist Church for play, crafts and songs whilst parents and carers have the opportunity to socialise and support one another. The group continues to grow; 52 children are now registered with 30-35 regularly attending each week. Excellent relationships are being formed and monthly 'seeker services' are now being started to help 'bridge the gap' to Sunday worship.

It is fantastic to see so many children happily playing at the group and we are keen to continue to improve facilities for our community so as to continue to build relationship.

Andrew Stammers