Home Mission pics

Home Mission pics

Friday, 20 May 2011

Crossing the road in Gloucester

This interview was recorded at our third WEBA 3 in 1 event in Gloucester. Tony Minter, minister of Grange Baptist Church, talks about working with a local councillor to bridge divides within the city.

God Questions in Calne

This story told by Sam King of Calne Baptist Church at the recent WEBA 3 in 1 Event in Trowbridge features in the summer edition of WEBA news, our printed newsletter. If you want to see it, we'll be sending a copy to church secretaries or administrators next week. It's also available in the resources section of the WEBA website, www.webassoc.org.uk

Calne Baptist Church receive a grant from Home Mission which has enabled them to call Sam as minister and make this story possible, so thank you again, WEBA churches, for your continued support as partners in God's mission in this region.

Friday, 6 May 2011

William and Kate are welcome any time

Andrew Stammers of Radstock Baptist Church sent us this wonderful photo taken when the church opened its doors to show the Royal Wedding:
 We put on a free continental breakfast and lunch. The numbers that attended from the community and fellowship exceeded our expectations. The church was packed with people watching the wedding and the back room with children playing games and doing crafts.

This was another great event to build relationships as well as celebrating that fact that William and Kate were being united before God.

One lovely memory: When the announcement was made that William and Kate were shortly to make an appearance on the balcony, a young lad who was playing in the backroom thought, this meant they were coming to our church so we could see them on our balcony. They are of course welcome any time!

2nd Baptism at The Stowe

Those of you who came to our 3 in 1 Event at Bethesda, Trowbridge, will remember Nicky, who bravely came onto the stage with Alison Boulton just a week before her baptism. Alison and Nicky are part of The Stowe, our new church community in Swindon. They don't have a church building, and baptisms take place on warm days in Ali's back garden! Last week, Ali got in touch to report on how the day went:

The baptism went amazingly well – 48 people came and all stayed for lunch at our house and a pool party! Praise God for good weather! Some of the guests were not local and some were Christians from other churches but it was lovely to welcome some new local families to join us. This was a special day and has given people the opportunity to begin to talk about and explore faith with us. It is a real privilege to be involved in ongoing conversations about faith.  It was also lovely to welcome back some local people the following Sunday too.

Also all last week we had a BMS action team here and we did family and youth activities in the community everyday culminating in a chance to explore the Easter Story on Good Friday and an Easter Celebration and Egg hunt around Wichelstowe on Easter Sunday. Again it is amazing how God is growing deeper relationships in the community (we made lots of new friends). We praise Him that new people came to share our Easter gatherings with us.