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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Nailsea's Christmas Experience

Nailsea Baptist Church are telling the Christmas story by taking over a shop in the town centre next week.

The Christmas Experience allows the story to come alive.  School children and the general public will be able to travel back 2,000 years in time and meet some of the characters, hear the sounds and become part of the story themselves.

Not only will they hear about the baby born in a stable, they will meet three of the characters who travelled many miles themselves to discover the ancient promise.

The journey ends with an opportunity for people to 'get in the picture' and be part of the story themselves.

Paul Carter, Associate Pastor at Nailsea Baptist said ' we are excited about taking the Christmas message out into the market place and hope that people will engage and discover and rediscover what Christmas is really about.'

The experience takes place from the 3rd -8th December and will be open on the evening of Friday 7th December.

For further details contact the church office on 01275 859339.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Big Hearted Fellaship

Many of us who were at Big Hearted Living with Chris Duffett last month came away itching to try some simple things that would get us 'out there', connecting with the people around us.

For the men's group at Hanham Baptist Church (they call it Fellaship) a decision to go down the pub after their monthly prayer meeting provided that opportunity. Yesterday I spoke to the group's leader, Matt Caswell, who told me:

"The pub has a weekly quiz night. Due to our wide range of ages we had every subject area covered - we won every time! As a result people asked 'Where are you all from?'
We told them we were from the local church, and they know where it is, they know people who go there, or their parents might have gone at one time. Most of this is just over the bar. It's nothing big, it's just comments, having a chat. It's no effort, it's the most unforced outreach we've ever done."

Stepping out of church and into a different space, where encounters with those who Jesus is seeking might happen seems easy and obvious, but how often do we actually do it? If you've tried anything like this, however small, we'd love to put it on this blog. Email ruth.whiter@webassoc.org.uk or phone the WEBA office on 0117 965 8828 - or you're welcome to comment below.