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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rock UK

Matt Jones is a member at Tonbridge Baptist Church in Kent, and he has written to us about his new mission enterprise, Explore Adventure. You might like to include this in your church newsletter or bulletin:

Explore Adventure is a  programme of exciting UK and Worldwide outdoor adventures providing outreach opportunities to help you and your non-Christian friends and families discover more. More about the world we live in, more about what we can achieve and more about why we are here:

“I found a new boldness to witness about my faith, sharing with my friends about the beauty of creation, leading to some incredibly real conversations about Jesus. The impact was amazing and I know the Lord is now working deeply in my friends heart”.

If you would like to outreach to your friends and family in this exciting and effective way then why not join us on our trip to Snowdon, North Wales on the 17th April 2011. Please look at www.rockuk.org call 0844 8000 222 or email trailblazers@rockuk.org

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