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Friday, 15 April 2011

John and Meg Moseley's Mission Trip: Can you help?

John and Meg Moseley, from Thornbury, are hoping to do a month's short term mission trip to Asuncion, Paraquay, in June with the BMS Volunteer Programme. They will be working alongside the Pastor responsible for "Senior's" ministries who is seeking to encourage the regional churches there in their development of senior's ministries both for their own adherents and for outreach. Until recently in Paraguay, Senior's Ministries have not received as much emphasis as those for younger people. The churches are asking for us to share information and ideas about what we do for Senior's in our churches in the UK, and which they may be able to use themselves. John and Meg would like to pick up as many ideas as possible before they go in June, and would be grateful to hear from any WEBA churches about particular ministries they have developed to serve and reach the elderly. Their contact details are e mail  johnmose68@uwclub.net and tel no 01454 417932

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