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Friday, 19 August 2011

Down to the River

WEBA's autumn newsletter has just gone to the printers, and many thanks to Sue Humphreys who helped me with an article about the canoe club she runs with her husband Ed and others from 3C Community Church in Gloucestershire.

I run out of words quickly when trying to describe the way someone like Sue and the others are serving God. I want to avoid overusing new jargon like 'missional' and 'incarnational', but also old jargon like 'sharing the gospel.'

What they are doing shouldn't need jargon - it's too straighforward and natural. They're running a canoe club. Most of the members aren't Christians, but the leaders see it as their life ministry to have fun with these people and help them acquire skills. They are being faithful to God by continuing to be their friends. What happens next is up to him. I wonder why this seems so easy to understand, and so tricky, in a church context, to describe.

Two copies of WEBA news will be sent to your church secretary next week. Please make sure you see it!

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