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Friday, 21 December 2012

Fit for Purpose?

Gas Green Baptist Church in Cheltenham have been going through the 'Fit 4 Purpose?' process which is designed to help churches move forward in life and mission. Debbie Hunt sent us this story of what happened next:

Following a neighbourhood survey for Fit 4 Purpose, the members of Gas Green in Cheltenham were asked if they could help a lady with some gardening.

 This first project was fairly straight forward, but as a result of this, on our next quarterly newsletter we asked the question “Can we help you?” and received another request to help clear a garden. The task this time turned out to be much greater and it took 5 of us 4 separate 2 hours visits to clear brambles and weeds from the garden and ivy that was growing up the side of the house.

The recipients of our help; both virtually housebound, have clearly benefited not only from the work done, but from the concern that we have shown them. It has demonstrated that there is clearly a need for this kind of outreach in our area and we have now taken up the title Gas Green Community Link, offering a variety of services to our neighbours, as part of the nationwide ROC (Redeeming Our Communities) initiative.

We hope to return to our last project to complete the finishing touches in the spring, so that the owner can finally enjoy what could be a very lovely private area to sit out in.


  1. I'm disappointed that having sent photos to go with this story, they have not been used!