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Friday, 25 January 2013

Gary McFarlane: "Certainly not disappointed"

 It's likely you will have spotted WEBA's Association Manager Gary McFarlane on the news recently

Gary was one of four Christians who took their claims of unfair treatment in the workplace to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in September; the results were announced on Tuesday 15th January.

Gary had lost his job at Relate Avon after expressing a possible conscientious objection to offering sex therapy advice to same sex couples.

His case was not successful, but Gary insists that he is not disappointed, as he feels his call for 'reasonable accommodation' has been widely heard and understood.

Speaking on Radio Bristol, he expressed "regret that the European Court did not set out criteria to help employers grappling with these issues" but he is "certainly not disappointed. This case was never really about Gary McFarlane, not just about the Christian Faith. There needs to be a better, level playing field, a better balance."

Gary gave an extended interview about the story on the Soul 2 Sole programme on Ujima Radio this Saturday, the 26th January. Click on the link below to 'listen again' - the programme is in two sections - Gary's is in the earlier slot (2-3pm) but please note this is lower down on the web page. The interview begins after about 22 minutes.

Ujima Soul 2 Sole Interview with Gary McFarlane

 There is also information about the case and a video on the Christian Concern Website

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