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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Showing it with flowers since 1946

Andrew Stammers sent us this lovely photo of Les and Stella Yarde, and their story, which he's also sending to The Baptist Times:

'Humble service, commitment and dedication' are all characteristics that as pastors we try to personally strive for and lead our congregations to be inspired to emulate.

Pastoral care is a critical part of any fellowship and as such I was delighted to discover, when I took up pastorship at Radstock Baptist Church in 2009, that each week the church flowers were taken to a missing congregation member or member of the community to show Gods love. More remarkable I discovered that the weekly arranging of the flowers and the subsequent pastoral delivery had been undertaken by the same  faith couple (Les and Stella Yarde) since 1946!

In these days of dwindling levels commitment such an act of service is of great encouragement and inspiration to us all.  

Sadly now due to health reasons Les and Stella Yarde have had to pass on this duty. As a church we want to recognise their past service and on going love for the fellowship.

Rev. Andrew Stammers

For and on behalf of
Radstock Baptist Church

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