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Home Mission pics

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Revd. Dai Davies at Westbury Leigh & Stormore Baptist Church sent us these lovely photos of the fun day the church provided for its community earlier this month:

We could not have asked for more. The weather was fine, the activities fun, refreshments thirst quenching, nourishing, and free, as were both events. What am I talking about  the two Community Fun Days arranged by the White Horse Team Ministry and Westbury Leigh & Stormore Baptist Church, held on Oldfield Park and at the Dilton Marsh Recreational Ground in August.

Well in excess of 100 people turned out at each event which was part sponsored by Selwood Housing, who along with the White Horse Children’s Centre were also in attendance.

So why a Fun Day? Rev Dai Davies said there were two main reasons: Firstly to give folk in these communities a free Fun Day in these hard economic times, and secondly by taking aspects of church life to where the community is, to demonstrate that although we may as Christian people we may have an additional dimension  to life, we are still normal – whatever that means – and like to have fun.

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