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Friday, 29 October 2010

Free Taxi to Zion!

 John Willett of Zion Baptist Church in Bradford-on-Avon told us about this imaginative response to the challenge of being on a steep hill:

At Zion Baptist Church,Bradford-on-Avon, we have a very small and very elderly congregation which is now down to a maximum of seventeen. We have been greatly blessed with a lovely church, a beautiful organ, three organist's and fourteen visiting preachers and very generous finance. Our main problem is that the church is situated in the middle of a very steep hill.  We have therefore decided to have 2,000 A4 invitations printed professionally (copy sent with second e-mail) which will be distributed throughout Bradford-on-Avon on Thursday, 4th November with the local free newspaper.  You will see that we are offering a free taxi service to and from the church to overcome the hill problem.  We are asking for prayer that some of these invitations will fall into the hands of those who would like to accept this invitation. 

John, do let us know what happens!

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