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Friday, 1 October 2010

Wichelstowe's First Baptism

Many of you will be aware of ‘The Stowe’, our new missional community south of Swindon. Alison Boulton and her family moved on to the new housing development last year with the aim of growing a spiritual focus for the new community. She began with welcome baskets for those moving in, and then a large scale outdoor community nativity play at Christmas. Soon, residents began to ask if they could meet at her house on Sundays.  She has just sent me an excited account of their first baptism:

We baptised Emily in a paddling pool in the garden – which amused the neighbours when they saw us setting it up in dull weather the previous day - we then had a pool party, shared lunch and continued conversations about faith.

Emily shared her story which was a real testimony to the transforming power of God – she hadn’t written down anything but she said God gave her the words to say.

Someone commented that the baptism was like God’s first birthday present to us – and it was like that! It was amazing. I felt like we were watching people being transformed in front of our faces. God is bringing hope and transformation. Wow!

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  1. Ali, it was good to hear from you of how the community at wichelstowe is being so blessed at this time. I absolutely love this picture of Emiliy's baptism and my imagination ran a riot loving the idea of neighbours wondering what was going on! It's a very joyful story to share when I hold a baptism preparation evening next week. 'Happy 1st Birthday'!