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Friday, 28 January 2011

Growth at Paulton

Yesterday I had the privilege of chatting to Barrie and Sue Clarke about Paulton Baptist Church in Somerset. We're going to feature the church in the Spring WEBA News, our paper newsletter that will go out to your church secretary at the end of February. Barrie won't mind me telling you that he is 84 years old and first became a church minister in 1958 when Billy Graham was playing his part in church growth. He's now been part-time pastor of Paulton for nine very busy and fruitful years, and I marvelled at his energy. Barrie, however,  believes that what's happening has more impact on your energy than your age:
"After four or five years, the church was getting smaller," he said. "You begin to feel, 'shall I stop now?' It was a hard grind. The hard grind isn't doing things, it's in your mind. When things are going well, you feel better."
If your church secretary isn't too zealous a recycler, you can find out what's going so well at the end of February, when the newsletter comes out.

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