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Thursday, 13 January 2011

UFO’s Circle Tuffley in Gloucester!*

At least that may have been first impressions of neighbours, pub customers and careful car travellers as they slipped and slid their way through the snow and freezing cold weather. Three separate processions of carol singers, storytellers and seven foot high nativity characters journeyed through the streets of Tuffley & Podsmead in Gloucester, singing carols and telling the Christmas gospel story as part of Grange Baptist Church  ‘journey to Christmas’ celebrations.
Neighbouring residents, schools, parents and toddlers as well as local groups such as the ‘Brownies’ and ‘Guides’ were invited to participate and despite snow and extremely cold temperatures the turnout was very encouraging.

The Wise men found a warm outreach opportunity in the local pub to sing ‘away in a manger’ for all the customers. Encouragingly the same number who went into the pub actually came out again and continued on their journey.
The three processions finally met at Grange Baptist church and a seven foot high nativity tableau was set up. This was followed by a celebration party of hot chilli jacket potatoes, hot dogs, toffee apples, mulled wine and of course mince pies.  

‘We set up this huge nativity right on the front of Grange Road to show both our neighbours and everyone who walks and drives past, we want to get out from behind our walls and into the community in creative and fun ways’ said Minister Rev, Tony Minter. ‘It was a great evening and everyone is now thinking how can we build on this and do something even bigger and better for Easter’?

*Unidentified Festive Objects - thanks for the headline, GBC!

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