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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Revival in the Cotswolds

Thanks to Matt Frost of Cirencester Baptist Church  who sent us this report about a gathering at the beginning of March:

Revival in the Cotswolds - this was the prayer of over 300 Christians from Baptist Churches across the Cotswolds who gathered at the beginning of March to pray, worship and meet together in the expectation of God at work in our area. The Cotswolds has around 20 Baptist churches (both WEBA and SCBA) ranging from congregations of over 300 to those in single figures. Over recent years there has been increasing contact and co-operation between the leaders and members of many of the churches. This can been most clearly seen in the decisions of three of the smaller churches to enter into partnership arrangements with larger churches to help them turn around and move out again into mission in their communities.
One example is the church at Kings Stanley (near Stroud) that was recently featured on the BBC2 programme 'Reverse Missionaries'. The church was on the brink of closure when four other local Baptist churches stepped in, and through prayer have been able to release someone to become the pastor and to encourage & resource the church to 'go again'. It's early days, but there are already new people joining the church and the congregation is reaching out into the community again.
So the prayer in the Cotswolds is for revival - God let your kingdom come, right here!

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