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Home Mission pics

Friday, 9 March 2012

Washing feet - Stowe style

Look out for WEBA news, our quarterly printed newsletter which has been sent to your church secretary this week, along with this quarter’s WEBA prayer guide, a thank you certificate for giving to Home Mission, and a few of the new Just Imagine prayer bookmarks.

In the newsletter we catch up with the fast growing group of spiritual seekers at The Stowe.

Last year we heard about more than one baptism in a paddling pool; now the group has grown so much they have outgrown the living room where they used to meet; thanks to a mission by project grant from Home Mission they are now hiring space at the community’s new school for their Sunday morning gatherings.

Now,  more  new people are arriving to explore faith. Jesus predicted that people would know us as his disciples when we loved one another, and it’s easy to see how this growth has come about as the result of an emphasis on love and service from the day the first residents moved in.

Alison explains how she celebrated Maundy Thursday in the community last year. She wrote to women she’d made contact with, saying: “I want to show that I love and serve you, and Jesus did that by washing his friends’ feet, so come along to a foot and hand pamper night.”

The ‘pamper night’ was a great success and thanks to input from Stowe Intern Sarah King has now become a regular monthly event.

You can download a copy of WEBA news on the resources page of our website:

WEBA resources page

If you'd like some paper copies, please get in touch with the WEBA office.

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