Home Mission pics

Home Mission pics

Friday, 18 May 2012

Creative Calne

On Monday I visited Calne Baptist Church to plan a film we're going to make together with the BUGB communications team. It will draw together the rich history of Calne Baptist Church, which goes back to the English Civil War, and contains far too many stories to fit into our five minute film, and the creative ways the church is proclaiming the gospel story now.

I'm not sure whether we'll fit in this one - on Good Friday the church held a service 'in the round' and suspended a giant crown of barbed wire in the centre of the room. A clever technology teacher filled ice cube bags with red coloured water and froze them - by the time the service began they began to drip onto the communion table below, creating a powerful focus for reflection.

Calne's minister Sam King was called to the church thanks to a grant from Home Mission, and with his creative background he has acted as a catalyst, bringing into being desires to connect and transform that were latent in the congregation.  Our thanks go to all those churches whose faithful giving has made stories like this possible.

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